Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Life is like a box of Chocolates!

M is one of the single most joyous beings in my life! He has the abilty to help me see what my "old" eyes have forgotten. Life is about discovery, finding something yummy in every situation, and being carefree is sometimes the only way to be. He recently turned one so I am compelled by natural law to think back on his birth. On Nov. 21, 2005 I went early to Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana. Jason was in his Graduate studies, but today was all about family. Dr. Genaris had decided that because J was so big, and had broken his clavicle on the way out it would be better to take M a few weeks early. Lucky me, I got to pick the date that M arrived into the world!
My experience in the hospital was pretty typical of any woman who labors in a hospital. I was monitored and allowed to walk on my own until I decided to get my epidural. Let us pause for a moment and give thanks to the man, who through divine inspiration created the epidural....Thank you I will return to my story. Around 5 p.m. I asked for my dream drug, and all went well with the procedure. I was feeling less contraction pains, and was able to focus more on having a beautiful baby boy. My Doctor came back to check me around 6 p.m. and decided that I wasn't progressing on my own and therefor would "break" my water for me. He was very quick and once my water broke labor went very quickly. My contractions came strong and on top of each other, and for once in my "laboring" life I could feel the contrations, not as painful as I thought, but I did have the miracle drug. Everyone hurried to set things up and I felt M ready to go. There was one moment that I felt like if I just pushed a little I could have had him out, but they (the crusty nurse) wouldn't let me. So I had to focus and try to NOT push, very hard to do when you are fully dialated and effaced. The time came that I was allowed to push and with a few good ones M was born 8:03 p.m. It was the best feeling in the world to have him laying with me. He of course, was crying, a natural past time for him, but I was able to quite him. I remember just looking at him and saying over and over, "its okay baby, mommas here" He really responded to my voice and then gave me a very trusting look. From that moment even until this day I know that M was my special gift from God, a way to let me know that He trusts me with his sweet spirits. I can hardly remember that moment without feeling a tear on my cheek. Everyday with my boys brings me closer to discovering something new about the nature of God. Its like choosing a chocolate from a colorful box...what will it be inside?? I am in love with my little box of Chocolates, what will be our next discovery?