Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FHE- on Tuesday :-)

This weeks Family Home Evening was really fun. We talked about keeping our house in order, and how when we have a clean home we are all happier and the Spirit can be felt. Our general rule is to pick up what you can when you can, and leave the rest for saturday when our usual house cleaning day is. However, I can't think when my house is too cluttered. It is so liberating to get rid of junk, and yes we ALL have junk in our house that we really can do without. So, for the activity the boys built their own house, well more exactly a bunny hutch since that is what Wilton had to offer. They got to decorate it with candies, and frosting. It even came with three little bunnies that we names appropriately after each of them. One bunny is going into the house so that is why it looks like there is one with no face, lol! We talked about a job chart, following it, and consequences for not doing your job. The thought of not picking up after them is like heaven to me. They sometimes are good about making sure that their clothes are picked up, and of course, when Jarom wants to earn a few bucks he'll ask to clean his bathroom. I would love for the cleaning to be instinctive. I realize that they are still little and learning, but a mom can dream, right?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hugging <3

Hugging is natural, organic, naturally sweet, free of pesticides and preservatives. Hugging contains no artificial ingredients. It’s 100% wholesome. No calories, no caffeine, no nicotine. Hugging is nearly perfect. There are no removable parts, batteries to wear out, no periodic check-ups. It consumes little energy while yielding a lot.
It’s inflation- proof. It’s non-fattening. There are no monthly payments. No insurance requirements. It’s theft proof, non-taxable, non-polluting and fully refundable. And it costs very little. Hugging is healthy. It assists in the body’s immune system, it cures depression, it reduces stress, it induces sleep, it invigorates, it rejuvenates, and it has no unpleasant side-effects. Hugging is no less than a miracle drug.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pretty Cool

I was in between patients yesterday, and happened to catch a little bit of Studio 5, a.k.a. The Chicklet Show <--you would get that if you saw their teeth ;-). Anyway, they had a really creative chic on there, Kristin McKay. I thought that her designs were AWESOME. I have done the altoid tin thing, but I have NEVER seen anyone make jewlery with fabric and epoxy. There have been sooo many fabrics that I have seen that I thought would make really cute beads. She makes it a reality. If you have a second check out her site you won't be disappointed. NATALIE check out her Family Planner. Her downloads are FREE!!!! Tell me who doesn't love free??

Enjoy :-)
Thanks Kristin for sharing your creativity !!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do You Feel It??

The tangible excitement in the air!! I can't tell you how excited I am that Natalie is a mere 38 hours from my presence!!!!!! I am so pumped! I miss her sweet face! She is beyond loved in our home and her sweet little family is priceless to us! Have a safe trip Edwards Family!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I wanted to take a second and post a "thank you" to everyone that has said a prayer for Sam, or even had his health on their minds. We have been so blessed! Sam is doing really great his breathing is FANTASTIC. He hasn't had more than a sneeze since he left the hospital. The dr. when he released us told us to expect a pretty horrible wed. but wed. came and went without an incident. Jason stayed home from work to keep the boys from messing with him too much, but it really seemed like Sam wanted to play with his brothers, and just be part of the group. I can't express my thankfulness enough! I feel so cared for and more watched over than I deserve, but I will take it with a happy heart. Sam really is a light to me. I think hearing his resp. distress caused me to just suspend my emotions, but watching him smile, and blow raspberries allowed me to exhale. He is perfection in a bottle! Having Sam in my life is a gift !!!
So just to let everyone know he is doing great, sounding great, and eating like a linebacker :-)

Little J turns 6!!

Not only did the Groundhog see his shadow last Monday, but Jarom turned 6!!! He was so pumped to say goodbye to 5 that he woke up at nearly 5:30 A.M. I wish I could find a way to emphasize the early nature of that wake-up call!! It was hard not to give in and let him tear into his gifts. Around 6:30 a.m. Jason came into the bedroom and gently nudged me to get up and I went downstairs to find one jazzed kid, so waking up was more fun seeing how excited he was. Jarom got a Nintendo DS, Mario Party game, and Michael and Sam also got him Star Wars Legos. He was so happy to get a DS. He has been begging for once since before Christmas. I was put off by the price, but then I started to think about how awesome our kids have been these last few months with Grammie's cancer, and we haven't had the same amount of quality time, so he won me over with good behavior. There is also a bonus for me, if he happens to have bad behavior the DS is the first to go. Let me tell ya that gets him in line FAST!!! He also got a suit for church from Grammie, money from my parents, a card filled with stickers (thanks G&N family :-)). He was a walking live wire ALL day. It was really fun to watch him beam! On saturday Jason took Jarom and five of his friends to the bowling alley. I couldn't stress over a party this year so thankfully the bowling alley was available. At the last minute we allowed Michael to go and he brought his friend E with him. She actually has a "real" name, but told me yesterday that she is just going to go by "E" when she goes to real school. Kids are to funny!!
Anyway, Jarom and his friends had a blast, and Jason had a good time too. I can't say enough good things about Jarom. He is such a bright child, with his fathers sensiblities. I thank God everyday for blessing me with him. I couldn't have asked for a better child to usher me into the world of Motherhood. I remember distinctly the moment he was placed on my chest after he was born. He lifted his head and his eyes were wide open as they made contact with mine. I felt a rush of fear, anxiety, and then the most calming sense of gratitude that I could be trusted with such a being. I wondered in my heart if I could really teach him anything. What did I have to offer something so perfect? I was blessed shortly after his birth to be able to put my newfound devotion to the test as Jason and I carefully attended to our sick newborn. For days Jason and I held him, never putting him down for more than 15 minutes. We rallied as his Bili levels climbed dangerously high, and celebrated as they finally fell below 15. It was in that time that I learned my love for Jarom was in its infantcy as well. As he grew I KNEW my love for him would flourish. It has. I think the bigger he gets, the bigger my heart gets. I hate to think of him ever getting to be to big for me. So for now, I will cheer him on as he takes on the world and cherish every kiss while its still okay to kiss mom good-night.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my number 1 !!!