Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FHE- on Tuesday :-)

This weeks Family Home Evening was really fun. We talked about keeping our house in order, and how when we have a clean home we are all happier and the Spirit can be felt. Our general rule is to pick up what you can when you can, and leave the rest for saturday when our usual house cleaning day is. However, I can't think when my house is too cluttered. It is so liberating to get rid of junk, and yes we ALL have junk in our house that we really can do without. So, for the activity the boys built their own house, well more exactly a bunny hutch since that is what Wilton had to offer. They got to decorate it with candies, and frosting. It even came with three little bunnies that we names appropriately after each of them. One bunny is going into the house so that is why it looks like there is one with no face, lol! We talked about a job chart, following it, and consequences for not doing your job. The thought of not picking up after them is like heaven to me. They sometimes are good about making sure that their clothes are picked up, and of course, when Jarom wants to earn a few bucks he'll ask to clean his bathroom. I would love for the cleaning to be instinctive. I realize that they are still little and learning, but a mom can dream, right?


Glenn and Natalie said...

What a fun FHE idea! Our girls are pretty good with I have no doubt that your boys will jump on the band wagon! Angie even told me today, "Mom, when I come home from school I won't have a lot of HW, so how about we put away the clean clothes?" See, my kids have no problem...I DO! I haven't put the clothes away & now my daughter has to help ME with MY chores! LOL.

*Caesy Jade* said...

cool edward house!!! i like edward too.