Friday, August 10, 2007

New Job!

Yesterday, I received my "official" job offer, even though the Mammo supervisor already let me know I "had" the job. I am really excited for the opportunity to specialize my training in the Radiology field by learning the art of Mammography. Mammography is a low-dose X-ray procedure used to produce a film or digital image of your breast. The image is called a mammogram. Often, this procedure can identify breast cancer long before it can be detected by a physical examination. This job is a great opportunity not only because the images are so vital to primary care in the field of women's health, but also becuase I only work rotating Saturdays, and NO (yes you read that right!) call!!!!! This means that I will no longer have to worry about the infamous 3 a.m. pager blow up or the call that brings me down to the department only to find that I really didn't need to be there. I am also really looking forward to not having to work the E.R. or the O.R. as neither of these areas are in need of a quick mammogram to dx a patient. I have a lot to be thankful for with the offer of this new job and I am happy to make myself equal to the task. Now of course, when feb. rolls around and I am studying for my mammo boards like a mad woman that will be another story :-)

Reclaiming My Blog!

So I have decided to reclaim my blog back to its intended purpose, sharing with friends and family the random happenings of our life. Now there was a time that I used this blog as my Stampin' Up Website, but no longer. It has been reclaimed!!!!! (there is triumphant music playing in the background)