Monday, June 20, 2011

Best. Dad. Ever.

We had a wonderful day yesterday remembering all the great men in our lives. The boys were really excited to make, and give Jason presents this year. We bought him his very own crown. We wanted him to feel like a real king in his castle. He got a "top pop" bucket filled with things he loves that have the word "pop" in them. Popcorn, soda pop, poptarts, pop rocks, tootsie pops, and lastly ring pops. That last items was really something that the kids could have so they wouldn't bug him for everything in the bucket, lol. Trust me they tried. Jason also got a hammock, which is something that he has wanted for some time now but we never had trees for it to attach too. I made him that beautiful green shirt that he is wearing that says, "Best.Dad.Ever". In my opinion Jason is the best dad ever. I know that EVERYONE says that about their spouse, or father, and I want to clarify that what I mean is that he is the best dad for OUR children. He is so loving and patient. I know that they test limits daily and sometimes just for fun, but Jason always does his best to show them that he is still there for them even when the battle lines are being crossed. He is a great teacher to our boys as well. With devotion I see him tend to their tiny spirits the seeds of testimony that they will need as they grow.

Jason was taught how to be a good father by his father who was great in many ways. On Sunday the boys asked Jason question after question about his dad. It was nice to see their eyes widen as Jason told them about the things that Dave liked to do. You could see them recognizing similar interests and passions that they have with things that he liked. My boys have quickly forgotten the man that loved to hold them as infants and read them stories while wrapping them in his large arms. The grandfather that wanted nothing more than to watch them grow. Dave was a good grandfather and we know that he watches them from another vantage point with the same intensity and love.

The boys were also excited to talk to Grandpa Train, my dad. They love to tell him what they are doing and listen excitedly as he responds to them with his trademark positive tones. A cherished book is one that my dad recorded himself reading. They love to listen to his voice as he reads them that story. Its like he's right there with them. Sometimes they will ask to listen to the same page over and over just to hear how he says certain words. I know that sounds weird but they like it, so hey, we oblige them :)

As we finished out the day we all felt lucky to have so many great men in our lives. We love you dads :)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Jarom's Baptism

So a good friend, lovingly reminded me that I needed to update ye ole blog. Thanks Tisha! It has been a super crazy six months and I swear I was just putting up the Halloween decorations. Since then some exciting things have happened but our most favorite thing that happened was Jarom's baptism. On February 12, 2011 Jason and I watched as our oldest son chose to be baptized. Of course, Jason got a much better seat than I did since he was the one baptizing Jarom. Jarom has been looking forward to baptism since he was two. Literally. He came up to me one afternoon while we were living in Wymount and said, "Mommy I want to get batman-tized". I chuckled, but felt of his sincerity. He loves to learn about our religion, sing Primary songs and be a super example. I am so glad that he made this choice. I know it was his to make alone, but I am glad that he made it. I love this gospel with all my heart. It literally saved my life. I hope that Jarom grows in his love for his Savior. I hope that he always walks a live centered in Him. Jarom we love you and know that you are loved by more than just your earthly family but by our dear ones on the other side.