Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School !!!

Yesterday was our boys first day back at school. They were craaaazy excited, waking up at o'dark thirty. They got dressed quick, ate breakfast and were in the car before 7:20 am. That will probably NEVER happen again, but I love that they are still at an age that they like school. Jarom had a great first day. The best part for him was recess. Playing with all his friends from last school year, a.k.a 2 months ago, was fun for him. No homework also was on his list of favorites. Michael was a little tougher customer. He got in the car and when asked how his day was said, "kindergarten was NOT what I expected." Upon further investigation I learned that he was bummed they didn't "learn" anything and only went over rules and classroom procedures. He also didn't get to play on certain playground equipment since its reserved for 1st graders. Oh the injustices suffered by the kindergartners. On a funny side note, Michael told me that a kid got lost IN the bathroom for 10 minutes. How does that happen? Please comment your most likely reasons below.

Overall, the day went well. I am glad that they love learning and like their new teachers. Everyone was happy to go the second day, but honestly it was a little more work getting them out the door.