Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cute Pics of Sam !!

I just wanted to share some cute pics of Sam. He turned 5 months on our 8th anniversary. We are all still so smitten with him. What a wonderful personality. I really look forward to seeing how he develops and finding out who this emergent little being that looks out from behind those crystal blue eyes really is!

Thanksgiving Day !!!

This photo is of Sam and Grammie Hazel. Samuel really loves Grammie as do all the boys. Thanksgiving was really great! This was the first year that I didn't feel one ounce of stress over the food, cleaning, or anything. Nada! All was wonderful. This has to go down in the books as the most stress-free holiday of my lifetime!! Our Turkey Day started with me sleeping in, wahoo!!, and Jason cooking the traditional Edwards holiday breakfast food. His dad always made Egg McEdwards on holiday mornings and that pretty much how you knew it was a holiday ;-) . After breakfast we played games with the boys and they helped us clean up, which was nice considering that 99.9 % of the messes that we were cleaning had their root in our kids making them. I had my turkey in the oven by 10 a.m. and pretty much it was smooth sailing from there. Grammie Hazel and Auntie Barbara came up at 1 and brought with them not only food, but games. Lots of games! B brought Guitar Hero, and the Nintendo Game Cube bongos. I am so glad that Uncle Ben is a gamer, we really benefit from that. The boys were so excited that B was coming they asked ALL ding-dongin' morning when she would get here. Then at one point they started pretending that she was in the driveway so they could look out the door. Mind you it was 30 deg outside today and I was not a fan of the door being open, and shut, and open, and shut!! I am glad that they love their auntie though. Anyway, we had a great time eating, playing games, and talking. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Every year I should admit! I and very thankful for my family and all that we have been through this year. I am thankful that my mom made it through her surgery well. I am also thankful that her ward took care of dinner for her. What a relief for her to not feel obligated to make Thanksgiving dinner for her family!! Get well Mom!

I know this post is a little scattered, it could be all the tryptophan talking! Anyhow, I hope that everyone had an AWESOME Thanksgiving and that you had a second to think about all the blessings in your lives. If you start to count them you'll find a reason to smile!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mom said there would be days like this !!

See that face? He's cute, right?? Yeah, that's my lovey Michael. Have I ever mentioned that he is the source of my GREATEST joy. He is such a happy little fellow most of the time, and he REALLY enjoys bringing a smile to others faces. He is a lot like his mom in that he enjoys making others laugh. Well, my little comedian decided that he had a new favorite word, and Sacrament Meeting was the appropriate time to debut said word. So as loudly as his tiny little voice could muster my child, my shinning star, yelled, "PENIS!!!" for the ENTIRE congregation to enjoy. Oh! wait! you were about to think he did it only once, right? No, not twice, yep! THREE TIMES!!! The story only is enhanced by the fact that our family traditionally sits behind the Bishop's. Luckily, for us they are down to earth people and realize that it is in fact an anatomically correct word. Needless to say, Jason removed Michael from Sacrament and gently reminded him that while the word is, in fact, correct there is a more appropriate place for this, and as the Sacrament is being prepared is not the right time.

Oh! The joys of motherhood swell in my heart at this moment :-)

* I should add that our good friends the Tacketts were more than amused and well what are we if not accomadating to good friends in need of a laugh ;-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just a Reminder

Sometimes I need a reminder as to where my focus should be. Personally, I get caught up in all the "work" that is life. I forget so easily that God's plan for me is truly simple. Love Him, teach His children about Him and His son, and just enjoy the blessings that He has given me. I love this time of year. The change in the trees. The smell of the air. The gentle way that God trasitions from season to season reminds me that in my life He has placed many quiet reminders as to how He would have me transition from one event in my life to the next.
I loved Julie Becks address to the women of the LDS faith. I truly believe inspiration lead her to this topic and inspiration will lead us all our ultimate destination of happiness and a fullness of joy. Take a moment to enjoy the transitions in your life, that is where I am learning the true lessons of the Spirit are given.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

This was our delicious Jack-O-Lantern pizza. It was yummy, thank you Papa Murphy's ;-)

Jarom and Michael were so excited to get out and trick-or-treat that they could hardly sit for pics!

Jarom as Raphael, Michael as Handy Manny, and Samuel as our favorite little Skeleton.

We had some early trick-or-treaters, our friends the Tacketts. They were our first little spooks to knock on our door. Our family had so much fun trick-or-treating this year. All of us went down 1 west in our town, which a pretty long drag, but there were lots of people that wanted to see Sam in his costume so I obliged. Once our tour down 1 west was done I came home to pass out candy to our trick-or-treaters, which was fun to see all the kids from our neighborhood all dressed in their full costumes. Jason took the boys around our neighborhood, and then when they said they were tired of walking they came home. I thought that they would be out longer but they are still little and haven't quite learned the joys of running your parents around town ragged, thanks guys!! We really had more fun this year than we have ever had in the past, and I LOVE watching my guys really get into it. I know that for some people Halloween is a silly tradition, but I think it is a fun holiday that really rewards kids for their creativity. Long live Halloween in our house!!!

Painted Pumpkins

So this year I decided, oh yes and executive decision, that we would PAINT not carve pumpkins. It seems like EVERY year the boys want to carve pumpkins and then the majority of the work goes to Jason or I. Sooo in an effort to make this more hands-on for them, see how I spun that, I thought painting would be more fun. It was a huge success and the boys had sooo much fun. I on the other hand was a little nervous about all that paint going everywhere. You can tell that just by looking at the picture. I made the boys paint without shrits on so that they wouldn't get pain on them and I was so careful to wipe their arms when they crossed over the paint plates. Well, all my efforts paid off beautifully in the kid dept. but somehow I got paint on MY favorite shirt. Duh Mindy! Change your own shirt! I hadn't even thougth about it, lol! Anyway, it was a lot of fun and we are sure to rinse and repeat next year ;-)