Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day !!!

This photo is of Sam and Grammie Hazel. Samuel really loves Grammie as do all the boys. Thanksgiving was really great! This was the first year that I didn't feel one ounce of stress over the food, cleaning, or anything. Nada! All was wonderful. This has to go down in the books as the most stress-free holiday of my lifetime!! Our Turkey Day started with me sleeping in, wahoo!!, and Jason cooking the traditional Edwards holiday breakfast food. His dad always made Egg McEdwards on holiday mornings and that pretty much how you knew it was a holiday ;-) . After breakfast we played games with the boys and they helped us clean up, which was nice considering that 99.9 % of the messes that we were cleaning had their root in our kids making them. I had my turkey in the oven by 10 a.m. and pretty much it was smooth sailing from there. Grammie Hazel and Auntie Barbara came up at 1 and brought with them not only food, but games. Lots of games! B brought Guitar Hero, and the Nintendo Game Cube bongos. I am so glad that Uncle Ben is a gamer, we really benefit from that. The boys were so excited that B was coming they asked ALL ding-dongin' morning when she would get here. Then at one point they started pretending that she was in the driveway so they could look out the door. Mind you it was 30 deg outside today and I was not a fan of the door being open, and shut, and open, and shut!! I am glad that they love their auntie though. Anyway, we had a great time eating, playing games, and talking. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Every year I should admit! I and very thankful for my family and all that we have been through this year. I am thankful that my mom made it through her surgery well. I am also thankful that her ward took care of dinner for her. What a relief for her to not feel obligated to make Thanksgiving dinner for her family!! Get well Mom!

I know this post is a little scattered, it could be all the tryptophan talking! Anyhow, I hope that everyone had an AWESOME Thanksgiving and that you had a second to think about all the blessings in your lives. If you start to count them you'll find a reason to smile!