Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

This was our delicious Jack-O-Lantern pizza. It was yummy, thank you Papa Murphy's ;-)

Jarom and Michael were so excited to get out and trick-or-treat that they could hardly sit for pics!

Jarom as Raphael, Michael as Handy Manny, and Samuel as our favorite little Skeleton.

We had some early trick-or-treaters, our friends the Tacketts. They were our first little spooks to knock on our door. Our family had so much fun trick-or-treating this year. All of us went down 1 west in our town, which a pretty long drag, but there were lots of people that wanted to see Sam in his costume so I obliged. Once our tour down 1 west was done I came home to pass out candy to our trick-or-treaters, which was fun to see all the kids from our neighborhood all dressed in their full costumes. Jason took the boys around our neighborhood, and then when they said they were tired of walking they came home. I thought that they would be out longer but they are still little and haven't quite learned the joys of running your parents around town ragged, thanks guys!! We really had more fun this year than we have ever had in the past, and I LOVE watching my guys really get into it. I know that for some people Halloween is a silly tradition, but I think it is a fun holiday that really rewards kids for their creativity. Long live Halloween in our house!!!


Glenn and Natalie said...

Spook-a-licious! Cuties!

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your jack-o-lantern pizza! I'm totally stealing that another year. And your music is making me cry (but John Lennon almost always does that to me - I'll admit, he's an obsession of mine). :0)