Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is for my Ute loving Neighbor!

I am a little nervous about this post since my Ute loving neighbor also happens to be my dentist, and anyone who knows me understands that I hate the dentist more than a colonoscopy :-) Thats okay I'll just pay for more nitrous oxide if he doesn't find this pic as funny as me. Bawh!

Thought For The Day

The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until the children are in bed.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks Aunt Kelly!

Firday's Funny-Late but not forgotten !!!

So, I know that I have been really lazy about posting my "Friday's Funny" posts, but truthfully as my boys get bigger they are increasingly funny and picking just one moment or statement is getting really hard. Then I worry that my blog will turn into a blog fest, whats a blog for, right? Anyhoo, this one was too funny and MUST I repeat MUST be recorded for posterity.

Michael (the source of most of my funny moments) decided that it was okay to throw a toy, wait strike that, he dedcided to chuck will all his might a toy across the family room and it landed squarely on my new keyboard. Now, we have an unwritten and highly spoken rule about throwing stuff in the house. I have a totally rational fear of things flying around the room and hitting me in the face. That is a whole other post though.
So, the known punishment for throwing toys is time on the "Naughty Step". Michael is no stranger to the step and frankly tries to use his cute to get out of it. Well, this time he conned us into believing that Jarom did the crime. After a few minutes on the step Jarom started to cry out that an injustice had been heaped upon him. This started a whole trial, so to speak, as to the guilt or innocents, of Jarom. Finally, Michael looked at me and we had this conversation:
Me: Michael did you throw that toy
Michael: No!
Me: Michael are you telling me the truth? Remember, you get in more trouble for a lie than you do a truth.
Michael: I didn't throw it (flashing cute nearly tearing eyes at me)
Me: Is that the truth?
Michael: No, I threw it.
Me: Michael you know the rule go to the naughty step. You do the crime you do the time!!!
Michael: (without missing a beat) No! I do the crime! YOU do the time!
Then as if he had practiced in front of a mirror he flashed me the sweetest face like he was too cute for hard time. Too bad I don't play that. Save it for the big house captain!!!!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Years Day

Happy New Year to everyone reading!! I wanted to post this pic of our little fam on New Year's Day. Its our family tradition to wear pjs all day long watch an endless array of movies and eat endless amount of junk food. There is something in there for everyone ;-). This year we decided that it would be more fun to go and see a movie at the MegaPlex 13 at the Junction in Ogden. Orginally, Grammie was going to be our honored guest, buuuuut at the last minute she decided that her days of going out to the movies are over. It was a little sad, but we opted to honor her wish and not pressure her. We had a blast!! The theater was packed to the gills with movie-goers and the movie we picked "Bedtime Stories" was hilarious!!! As far as Adam Sandler movies go this was up there with Happy Gilmore. Clean humor, funny little guinea pig, and some serious throw back 80's tunes. Jason and I took turns holding Sam in the far aisle. He was pretty well behaved considering the sound was beyond normal theater loud. The movie is about believing in your dreams and making your own dreams come true. We are all our own heros. Pretty basic Disney formula, but none the less very cute and the boys loved it. The grown-ups were laughing too. This is one Edwards tradition that will be honored year after year.

**The guys are all wearing coordinating track suits. I know it sounds dorky, but they looked so cute and it really added to the family togetherness theme we were going for :-)

Our Christmas!!!

This is a really late post! Christmas is almost two weeks past, buuut in our defense we have had a ton of family stuff going on. More on that later. However, our Christmas was really nice. We tried to show our boys that Christmas isn't just about gifts and gimmie, but about Jesus and all the beautiful symbolism that Christmas ushers in. We had some special family home evenings where we made treats and shared them with neighbors. I will say that this year brought us a record number of neighbor treats, and some really creative Christmas cards. One family home evening we talked to the boys about giving of our substance to the poor. Then we had the boys go through and collect things that they could give those that are less fortunate. Our family adopted a little girl for Christmas, and all she wanted for Christmas was a warm blanket. How sobering is that!! We selected a Disney Princess blanket, and I can't tell you how nervous I was to give a blanket to someone for a gift, I felt like I should have given more. Her father was beyond grateful and was teary in his acceptance of all the gifts for his family (the family was adopted by a co-worker). I don't blog this to make us so wonderful or better than anyone, but to display that there are simple gifts that we can give that make a difference in the lives of others. For this family it was the mere thought that someone else was thinking of them, and wanted them to receive a gift. It made me think, "how thankful am I for the simple things that I have?" When you stop to look around you really have more than you imagined. Even the poorest person on this earth has something to be thankful for.
Our many experiences this Christmas have also brought me to a better understanding of the tender mercies of the Lord. On Christmas Eve, Jason's grandma, a woman I consider to be my own grandmother, told me that she had a lump in her breast. Now, being a mammographer I examined her and felt a sick in my stomach that I NEVER want to feel again. Crying all the way home from her house I couldn't help but think why God would give her breast cancer at her age, given her circumstances. The same script ran through my mind, "the God I know and love is caring, tender, and understanding this is NOT real" or "I am going to wake up". As my mind raced to a fever pitch a very gentle feeling came over me and in my ear I heard, "peace be still". John 14:27 a scripture that I am sure all Christians cling to in hard times, "Peace I leave with you , my peace I give unto you, Not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart, neither let it be afraid." Has come to play in a very real way. In this past week and a half we have discover, diagnosed, and generated a treatment plan for her breast cancer. So as you can imagine it has been a very incoherent passing of days. The Lords tender mercies have been expressed in the loving actions of our neighbor Margo who took our boys for five hours so that we could drive down to Ogden and be available to Grammie during her surgical consult. My co-workers who stepped up and covered me when we were beyond over booked so that I could make sure that Grammie was properly diagnosed and understood what was to come. His mercy was definitely upon us when my doctor that I work with decided that she would rearrange her schedule so that Grammie could be seen first thing instead of having to wait for her scheduled appointment over a week later. Everything has echoed the mercy that God has for His children and the gentle care that he provides when others listen to His spirit.

Needless, to say that we believe more lessons will be forthcoming in this year but we/I am very thankful that as the year ended I was given a sweet reminder that just as the Lord was mindful of a young virgin in Bethlehem he is mindful of this mother of three in Tremonton. Please take a moment to remember Him. The season has passed but the wonderful feeling we get from helping His children lasts throughout the whole year.
Have a Happy, Healthy, and Loving New Year!!!!