Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Years Day

Happy New Year to everyone reading!! I wanted to post this pic of our little fam on New Year's Day. Its our family tradition to wear pjs all day long watch an endless array of movies and eat endless amount of junk food. There is something in there for everyone ;-). This year we decided that it would be more fun to go and see a movie at the MegaPlex 13 at the Junction in Ogden. Orginally, Grammie was going to be our honored guest, buuuuut at the last minute she decided that her days of going out to the movies are over. It was a little sad, but we opted to honor her wish and not pressure her. We had a blast!! The theater was packed to the gills with movie-goers and the movie we picked "Bedtime Stories" was hilarious!!! As far as Adam Sandler movies go this was up there with Happy Gilmore. Clean humor, funny little guinea pig, and some serious throw back 80's tunes. Jason and I took turns holding Sam in the far aisle. He was pretty well behaved considering the sound was beyond normal theater loud. The movie is about believing in your dreams and making your own dreams come true. We are all our own heros. Pretty basic Disney formula, but none the less very cute and the boys loved it. The grown-ups were laughing too. This is one Edwards tradition that will be honored year after year.

**The guys are all wearing coordinating track suits. I know it sounds dorky, but they looked so cute and it really added to the family togetherness theme we were going for :-)


Glenn and Natalie said...

Happy New Year! Your boys are all so cute! I think that staying in p.j.'s all day, and watching movies and eating junk sounds so FUN!

Jenn said...

That sounds like a really fun tradition. :)