Monday, January 26, 2009

Firday's Funny-Late but not forgotten !!!

So, I know that I have been really lazy about posting my "Friday's Funny" posts, but truthfully as my boys get bigger they are increasingly funny and picking just one moment or statement is getting really hard. Then I worry that my blog will turn into a blog fest, whats a blog for, right? Anyhoo, this one was too funny and MUST I repeat MUST be recorded for posterity.

Michael (the source of most of my funny moments) decided that it was okay to throw a toy, wait strike that, he dedcided to chuck will all his might a toy across the family room and it landed squarely on my new keyboard. Now, we have an unwritten and highly spoken rule about throwing stuff in the house. I have a totally rational fear of things flying around the room and hitting me in the face. That is a whole other post though.
So, the known punishment for throwing toys is time on the "Naughty Step". Michael is no stranger to the step and frankly tries to use his cute to get out of it. Well, this time he conned us into believing that Jarom did the crime. After a few minutes on the step Jarom started to cry out that an injustice had been heaped upon him. This started a whole trial, so to speak, as to the guilt or innocents, of Jarom. Finally, Michael looked at me and we had this conversation:
Me: Michael did you throw that toy
Michael: No!
Me: Michael are you telling me the truth? Remember, you get in more trouble for a lie than you do a truth.
Michael: I didn't throw it (flashing cute nearly tearing eyes at me)
Me: Is that the truth?
Michael: No, I threw it.
Me: Michael you know the rule go to the naughty step. You do the crime you do the time!!!
Michael: (without missing a beat) No! I do the crime! YOU do the time!
Then as if he had practiced in front of a mirror he flashed me the sweetest face like he was too cute for hard time. Too bad I don't play that. Save it for the big house captain!!!!!!

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LeMira said...

I can totally hear your voice in that whole conversation! So hilarious.