Thursday, January 04, 2007

Movin' On Up!

Welcome Home Edwards Family!!

On December 30, 2006 we moved our small family into our very first home! It was very exciting to call it "ours" and for big J more exciting to call it "home". He was a little misty eyed when he started moving stuff in and the realization had set it that it was ours. Our entire marriage we have rented and paid for others to have nice boats, and expensive vacations, but now it is our turn to earn something nice for ourselves. We were fortunate to find this place as we had been looking for months to find a suitable place to raise our kids. This house came on the market as we contemplated firing our realtor. It had been on the market 0 days and seeing the price tag I knew it wouldn't be on the market long. I called up or "agent" (I must use that term loosly), she agreed to get us in the home that day. When we arrived we had a really special feeling that there was something her for us. As we walked to the front door we noticed that other people had decided to help themselves to a look-see as well. We walked around and just loved this house. The kitchen was big, there was a playroom for the kids, and most importantly there was a fenced in backyard for them to play in. We made an offer that minute and the rest, as they say is history. Packing and moving were not nearly as blissful as buying the house. We had originally planned on moving in mid-January, but our property manager at the townhouse we were renting failed to fufill his obligations according to our lease and so we ended up moving alot sooner than expected, like two weeks sooner. We had to really hustle to get out of our place. Luckily we had made alot of really great friends in our last ward and they really came through for us. They helped load the truck and unload as well as let us borrow their truck so that we could get some necessary items for our new house. When we first arrived in this town I was very iffy about the size, and the mentality of the people living here. I feared that if I raised my kids here they would also be of a "small town" mindset, and I didn't want that. As the summer turned to fall I started to realize that this town has some really great qualities and more importantly some genuine people that make you want to stay. I feel like we are still a little "big city" for this town, and the fact that there is no Wally world makes it difficult at times, but I wouldn't trade all the Targets in the world for the warmth and hospitality that I feel here in my little po-dunk town :-)

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