Sunday, May 03, 2009

Gone A Baptizin'

This past weekend Michael decided that he needed to take in a homeless rollie pollie, potato bug, whatever you want to call it. At first, I gave him my standard mom statement,"bugs live outside so lets keep them there." This did not appease him so he thought he would sneak it into his jacket pocket. Hmm...I totally saw that mister. I figured it was a losing battle and offered up one of my jam jars to the cause. Michael went about picking the perfect weed for a home slash food for said bug. Then I noticed so leaves from my rosebush were in the mix, at that point I figured why not as long as he wasn't going to smash the darn thing I was cool. Later, Jarom noticed that there was a jar with a bug in it and asked if he could add one to the mix. Again, why not? I already was outnummbered by both bugs and bug lovers alike. Jarom added his bug and then they promptly forgot about the bugs. This afternoon however they caught a glimpse of the jar and noticed that one of the bugs was "sleeping". So, Jarom took the bug out and fearing for its eternal salvation set about to "baptize" the bug. The conversation went as follow:
J:I baptized my bug!
Mom: What??
J: It was dead so I baptized it.
Michael: Its with Heavenly Father now
Mom: Jarom how did you baptize the bug (at this point I am getting nervous)
Jarom: I held him under water for 14 seconds and then I threw him on the roof!
Mom: (laughing too hard to talk)
Jarom: what? he was dead!!!
Mom: point taken.

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Glenn and Natalie said...

LOL! Your boys crack me up! I miss those guys so much! :)