Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday JASON :)

I know that I am late posting this since his birthday was Saturday July 25th, buuut in my defense we have been super busy (at least thats my story ;)) .
Saturday, Jason celebrated his 31st birthday with a super fancy breakfast made by, who else? McDonald's! Anyone who knows Jason knows that he has a deep rooted love for the Sausage McMuffin, much like egg McEdwards. We had lots of fun eating our breakfast and then Jason opened presents. He was so funny to watch open presents, because I'm pretty sure that after 13 years of getting gifts from me he knows what I am going to buy him, lol! He acted surprised. His sister Barbara watched the boys so we could go to The Boondocks and play. We mini-golfed and Jason on his last swing got the golf ball in the kimono dragons mouth and it spit out fire. It was truly awesome. Then we went inside and rode the 4-d roller coaster. As if all that wasn't enough we had gotten some free token so we played video games and Jason won big on Deal or No Deal. I thought it was impossible for the day to get any better, but sure enough Jason took me, on HIS birthday to my favorite scrapbooking store. He truly amazes me everyday. The last thing that I would want to do on my birthday is watch international soccer, but maybe this year i'll have to give it a try since he was so generous with his day.
Through out all our many ups and downs these past few weeks Jason has shown me more love and compassion than I every imagined a human body could demonstrate. He has wrestled with three boys, made dinner, cleaned house, washed laundry, fielded phone calls, organized childcare, confirmed dr. appointments, held me while I cried (countless hours were spent in this pursuit), all this while still maintaining his normal work schedule, and working out his own grief. I always knew that Jason was someone special. There has never been a doubt in my mind that he was perfect for me, but feeling a little like Lois Lane, I never realized that he was a Superman until he showed me. Thanks Jason for all your love and strength! I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday, and I hope to share many more with you :)


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