Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do you miss him yet?

I was talking to a good friend of mine this morning about the Constellation and Ares program benefits ( click here ). Anyway, she mention to me that she had heard about a billboard in Minnesota that featured former President George W. Bush with the caption "Miss me Yet?". All this with his trademark grin. I have to say that I wasn't terribly happy with some choices that he made in the last year of his term in office, but I wasn't someone crying out for radical change (see Obama in your dictionary for that one). I wanted to "see" this sign for myself and found the sign and an accompanying article one the CNN Politics website here . It was a pretty interesting article when they made the statement,

"U.S. News and World Report noted earlier this month that even the Obama Store, located in tourist-filled Union Station, has closed, in what "may be the most tangible sign yet that the [Obama] honeymoon is over."

and then I wondered, is the honeymoon over? Do American's feel differently than they did a year ago? For me, I honestly, hope that mid-term elections reflect more balance. Any thoughts in the back of my mind that he would change things for the better are completely gone. Yes! It takes time to see what good a president has done, but out-sourcing manned space flight to Russia, and extra taxation to small business owner's hardly endears me to him, and that's just a start to list of ills that I find. Is it wrong to want to employ American's? Feed American children? House American children? Why is that wrong? Why are you considered Ethnocentric, or close-minded if you want to see your neighbor down the block attain his version of the American dream? Heck, what's wrong with wanting your neighbor down the street to be able to retire BEFORE he/she is too old to enjoy it? I'm not talking a luxury car in every garage or even that every American should be a millionaire and we should be a powerhouse in the global infrastructure of anything. Why can we just be?

Another question: Can someone help me down from this soapbox? Its a little to real up here.

**Don't get me wrong I am smart enough to know why it is that we can't just focus on the problems of our country, its a rhetorical statement. **

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