Saturday, April 03, 2010

Dyeing Easter Eggs

I love dyeing Easter Eggs. Its one of my favorite Easter traditions. I think the creative part appeals to me. Its so fun to see my boys get all precise with their colors and what goes where as they layers the colors. I am all for a solid color. I love purple so you'll see that my egg is just that, purplr :) That color makes me smile. Anyway, the boys had loads of fun coloring eggs. We got a little bit of a late start since we waited for Jason to come home from Priesthood session. He said it was one of the best meetings he has ever gone too. Bonus!
we each got an egg with our name written on it. My mom use to do that with a white crayon when we were growing up. I think it was to make sure there weren't any fights over who had who's egg. After they picked the colors and dyed their name egg they were given an additional egg to color as they chose. I will be honest I have heard that other families do about two dozen eggs for a family of four or five and I cannot stomach the thought of eating that many eggs so from now until I am not longer able to dye eggs my limit is two per person :).
Once we were done with eggs we had to get ready for bed, but the boys were really excited for the Easter Bunny to come to our house.

This season is my favorite for so many reasons. I love the renewing of plants and life around you. It reminds me to have hope in the redemptive power of the Savior. Seeing green after months of cold and white blanket covered surroundings gives me a physical reference for the feeling of the love of God. I have so much around me to witness the power and grace of God. This Spring and Easter in particular my thoughts are on the ones that I have lost who now dwell in peace with He who gave His life so willingly. I am grateful for that gift and thankful to my Heavenly Father for blessing my heart with a spring of its own after feeling the biting cold of loss and sadness. I could have never imagined having as full a life 9 months ago and I am glad that I put my faith where it belonged and let the Lord work in His way to heal me and my family.


Anonymous said...

I love you Mindy. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

porter family said...

we let our kids dye a dozen each. they have loads of fun! then we put them in the fridge, they take them out a few times to admire their handiwork and about a week later...we throw them away (gasp!)!! i figure they cost less than $2 each. i can stand to lose that much!!

Lisa said...

I always do the 18 count eggs, and we usually don't eat them all but I figure eggs are cheap and it's worth it for the once a year egg dying experience. Is that too wasteful? lol

I agree though, there is something so lovely about the solid eggs!

Mindy said...

Honestly I think it would be lots of fun for them, and maybe its my personal feelings about eggs, but oh the thought of eating that many eggs turns my gut!

Darce and Lisa you ladies are both so creative with your family fun ideas!!