Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Birthday JAROM!!

Happy Birthday to our favorite groundhog!! Jarom turned 8 today and is pretty excited about everything that comes with turning 8. He has decided that he wants to be baptized, and chose Tremonton as the place that he would like that to happen. He asked to have his ward family around him as he takes this step. Of course, we are happy to oblige him since we have loved all that Tremonton, as small and silly as this town can be, has given our family.
For his birthday dinner, which is the picture above, he wanted to go to Chili's which surprised me since he wanted Cafe Rio just before we left for Logan. Anyway, he got Madden 11 for the Wii, Ben 10 Legos, Star Wars Walkie Talkies, and a chain reaction kit. Best gift of the day was by far the walkie talkies. As he opened them his face just lit up and he was so excited it made me think of my first walkie talkies, they were Care Bear, thanks for asking ;). Jarom and Michael played with those all afternoon. Some of their conversations were priceless.
We love having Jarom as a son he is thoughtful, kind, generous, and a great helper. He is such a great person to be around loving and accepting of others. We know that as he gets older that every great quality will just evolve even more. We love you Jarom and hope that you felt as special as you are!!!

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