Friday, August 29, 2008

Someones gettin' Married!!

Okay, i need to apologize for the pic to start! This was taken last summer when Elizabeth had just gotten bitten by a mesquito, and her forehead swelled like a carnival balloon! This is sadly the most "recent" pic I have of my sweet, smart, beautiful, talented, loving, and now totally unavailable niece Elizabeth. You see readers she is getting hitched tomorrow, and I couldn't be prouder of her. She isn't neccesarily someone who conforms, she plots her own course, and follows her heart. All are qualities that I admire in a person. Not only is she an independent thinker she is also an honest and warm person. She is genuine in her love for others and has a desire to make others happy. When Elizabeth was little I use to pretend she was my little sister. I LOVED when she could come over. A memory that is always recounted whenever we get together is the time that I thought it would be REALLY fun to do her hair. I was so excited that another person would let me style them gooorgeous (sounds better if you say it with any accent). I placed one loving curl on her forehead she has beautiful red hair. Then proceeded to take my pik, oh yes I said pik, and with all the artistry I could muster gave her GIGANTIC bangs. The kind that would make any monster band of the 80's proud. Hey it was the 80's and I was a product of the times. I sprayed my masterpiece with attention to EVERY nook and cranny that human hair possess. After I was done her hair was so stiff it could have withstood any natural disaster that had ever wreck havoc on the earth. I later learned that my sister was not so supportive of my creativity and neither was my brother-in-law. Couldn't they see that a budding artist has no rules, lol!
Anyway, I have always thought of Elizabeth as a kindred spirit. I wish her and Matt the most luck, success, and personal fortune (however they value it) that any two people can have. I hope that they will always love and honor the people that they fell in love with, and grow together in love as they take on their new life. May they always find happiness looking back through each others eyes. Never let a night fall without cherishing the gifts each other has. If Jason and I have learned anything in our mere eight years of marriage it is that what we are as a couple is only enhanced by what we bring into our marriage as individuals. Yes! Elizabeth he will do things that you thought no man was capable of doing after repeated admonishments, but those will be the quirky things that will make you smile in quiet moments. As you add children to the mix, in your own time of course, you will see reflections of each other that only add to the many dimensions that is your love. Lots of love and kisses and most of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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