Saturday, August 02, 2008

Hercules, Hercules !!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how psyched I am that big J fixed the sink. I mean it I am seriously giddy, like a little school-girl!! The old faucet was not only installed wrong in the first place, but it broke right when we had a house filled with guests..ugh!! Happily, that old ugh-faucet is in the garbage, and in its place sits a wonderful, fully functioning faucet in Stainless Steel.
During the course of tenure here, 19 months, J has learned to drywall (thanks Sam), texturize said drywall (again, thanks Sam), install lighting, fix our sprinkler system, and now we can add PLUMBING to that ever growing list of things he's learned. Granted, he did have to make a trip to Ace Hardware, okay make that 2 trips. The first trip was in J's words, "because I didn't have the right tool, like my dad always says 'Have the right tools before you start a job' !" I think that the job turned out beautifully. So wonderful in fact I dirty my hands just to wash them in my new, non-crappy faucet!! Oh, I am so a simple person when the joys of a new faucet fill my heart to the brim with gratitude.
Thanks Big J, your my heeeeero (said swooning)


Brianne said...

You crack me up! I know how you feel though, my garbage disposal has been broken for months... I will be thrilled when it gets fixed!

Kerry said...

Mindy...I haven't checked in with your blog in AGES and feel like such a horrible friend and upline, cause I didn't even know you were expecting again! And is baby #3! Congratulations! I will try to do better from now on!