Monday, July 28, 2008

A Sad Day

Little J awoke this morning to find his pet Goldfish, Lightning, dead and floating at the top of the bowl. In Lightning's defense he lived a long, and full live, and was really beyond his years. J was very upset about his fish's passing and we had a "Nemo" burial , i.e. he passed to the next life on the Kholer Express. There were more than a few tears shed, and leave it to his little brother to remind him throughout the day that we had flushed his beloved pet down the toilet!! I even overheard J making up a song about him and his fish. It was an odd little ditty about a fish that goes away and cannot play. He has asked that I buy him a new fish, but I figure that since I just got him a second little brother maybe we could hold off on getting him something new for a bit. Feel free to email any condolences to my gmail account. I would be happy to pass them on. In lieu of flowers we ask that you hug a fish instead.

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Glenn and Natalie said...

Please convey our deepest sympathies. Lightning was alaways a good fish. A fish that cared. I fish that had a lasting impact on the lives of those he touched. We will make sure to bring the falg outside to half mast in his honor, as well as draping the windows with black fabric. We play for the soul of Lightning, and are sure that he has found happiniess, swiming in that great fish bowl in the sky!