Monday, July 28, 2008

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

I love this picture, it really captured the essence of little M. Please take a moment to look at my child's feet.... I am not sure if my 2 year old realizes that it is 100 deg. outside and he is wearing snowboots. Correction, he is ALWAYS wearing these snowboots. He maintains that they are his "power boots". When M wears said boots he has superhero powers and is able to jump over a building in a single bound. You will also notice that he has captured the red PowerRanger in his hand. For all you PowerRanger fans, you know that the Red Ranger is the leader of the Rangers, and has the most power so its no far stretch of the imagination that my son also believes that he is a ninja master. The most common sound out of M's mouth is "hee-yah", this is accompanied by several sharp karate chops and a couple of well mastered round-house kicks! He is the funniest little person I know.
* Disclaimer: My house is not nearly as filthy as this picture makes it appear :-)

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