Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Hap Ki Do Kid

Jarom passed his yellow belt test!!! He was so excited to not have to wear the white belt anymore. He lovingly passed that on to Michael who must now refer to Jarom as "sensei". Jarom is having alot of fun and learning lots about discipline in sports. He loves to "practice" his moves on Michael, at least thats what he calls it when he gets caught! Michael has decided that he wants to quit tumbling classes and go to Hap Ki Do, despite the fact that he would be the youngest and smallest person in class and the chance of getting kicked on accident are pretty high. We shall see. I wasn't sure that Hap Ki Do would offer the same benefits as Karate, but for Jarom it has. He is learning about confidence, respect, and control. All the things that we were hoping for. He loves his instructor and enjoys learning every week.


porter family said...

we have been looking for a karate'ish' class for zoey in this town and havent ever found one. where is he going?

Mindy said...

He goes to Tanglewood, and honestly LOVES it. I thought it would be really relaxed, but they really know their stuff.

Cami Checketts said...

That is fabulous. My boys loved karate. I really need to find a good class for them again.