Monday, January 04, 2010

Year End Letter

Formerly, known as the "Christmas Letter". I tried really hard to get these out before we left for our trip, post to come, but it didn't happen with all my letters. My family in MO. didn't get their letters so that is why I am posting it on my blog. It would probably have been more "green" to only post it here, but that didn't happen either so maybe next year, lol! So here it is:

It never seems to fail that every December I think to myself, “Wow! This year has gone by quickly.” It’s that time again to publish the yearly family letter. I promise that none of our children found a cure for cancer or flew to the moon on a rocket they built out of macaroni and glue. This won’t be that kind of Christmas letter.
I will give a quick rundown on what the Edwards Family, Utah branch, has been up to. Jason is continuing his work at ATK Launch Systems and enjoying every opportunity to use his skills to do what he loves. Mindy decided this fall to reduce her work schedule at McKay Dee Women’s Imaging in favor of spending more time with the boys. Jarom (6 ½) is enjoying the 1st grade. He lost his first tooth this year and we had to convince him that pulling his teeth out would in fact NOT be a lucrative business move. Michael (4) is a joy to have around, but definitely keeps Mindy busy. He is happily taking a tumbling class and says he feels like a “Jedi Knight” when he jumps on the mats. Samuel (18m) has really grown. I guess that’s what you expect from a baby, huh? He has learned to walk and is jabbering away. I wonder where he got that gift of gab…hmmm.
As many of you are aware our family has experienced many losses this year. In May, Jason’s mother passed away as a result of long battle with various health concerns. In July, our son, Joseph, was born seventeen weeks early, and still. November brought us the loss of one more loved one as Jason’s grandmother passed away from breast cancer. I write this to neither sadden, nor make anyone feel pity for us, but rather to say to all the many people who prayed for our family and shared your love with us, “Thank You!” We have felt so strongly Christian love for our family. We can bear witness that with each loving act we felt the love of our Savior and our Heavenly Father for us. His Spirit worked through many and your kindnesses will never be forgotten.
We pray that as the New Year begins you and your families may be blessed with good health and many opportunities to enjoy your loved ones.

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Hoyt's said...

Love, Love, Love the card. Jarom was so cute coming H.T. with his dad. He's the best partner. Saw your little Sam in the hall on Sunday. Or should I say big Sam. He's gotten so big. Love you cute little boys.