Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving Up Some Fun

Our annual Monday before Halloween FHE is pumpkin carving and we had the best time ever. I usually save this activity until the week before Halloween because if you do them to early you end up with a nasty moldy pumpkin and some seriously disappointed trick-or-treaters. We made this mistake as newlyweds, and it will not be repeated.
Michael braved the cold and picked out his pumpkin, a 20 pounder I might add. He really wanted to paint his pumpkin and was absolutely adorable about the whole affair. When he was done he set his pumpkin out to dry and this morning went to "wake it up". I even caught him talking to it. It was hilarious, and went a little something like this:
Michael: I missed you last night
Pumpkin: (silence)
Michael: I painted you don't you remember?
Pumpkin: (silence)
Michael: (now speaking in a low voice to the pumpkin, but acting like they are having a conversation)
I thought it was terribly cute that he wanted to protect his new friend from the evil clutches of Samuel the Destroyer ;)
Jarom had a great time pulling pumpkin guts out of the huge family pumpkin. I have to admit that the goo in there was making me a little queasy. ick. Just typing it makes my stomach turn a bit. Anyway, Jarom decided to carve his pumpkin into a TIE Fighter. He is waaaay excited to be a Jedi Knight for Halloween so it just make sense, right? No, okay well then we are on the same page, lol. Jarom's pumpkin was given to him by the PTA since tomorrow is their Harvest Festival. All the pumpkins will be entered into a pumpkin walk and judged. I'm pretty confident that most of the other pumpkins will have either been painted or stuck with Mr.Potato Head parts, smart parents. Jarom had to go old school. He had a great time and that is all that counts.
Jason is still working on his masterpiece so pictures will be coming later. The insider tip is that its going to be a ghost, he could always switch it up who knows. I love experiencing the holidays with my kids. I was never huge on Halloween. I hate to be scared, but my kids make it so fun that its worth all the people dressing ridiculous and trying to scare someone. The boys can't wait to put their costumes on and be transformed into actual Jedi Knights. That part of Halloween is the greatest, morphing into a character and assuming that identity. Good fun. Thankfully it only lasts one day :)

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Millionaira said...

LOL too cute about Michael and his pumpkin! :D

so what was the mystery pumpkin Jason did and did Jarom's pumpkin get any prizes for it's awesomeness?