Sunday, October 04, 2009

Something Fun

I found myself yesterday morning with the urge to sew something. I have been hesitant to actually sew since late June. At that point, all my focus had been centered around cute baby blankets and other crafts. I went to JoAnn's before the first session of conference and saw this fabric. I immediately thought off all the wonderful handmade blankets that my mil had made for my boys. I found myself getting a little sad that there would be no more blankets sewed with GrandMary's love. We have lots of family and lots of people love my kids, but I cherish a blanket that my Grandma Mollus crocheted for me.
Anyway, this quick blanket was made for my sweet nephew Trevor. He was born one month after Joseph. When I think of him I can't help but think of my little boy as well. So, it took no time to create something with love for him, since I can't make it for mine who is no longer with us. I hope it becomes a much loved cuddle blanket. It's the hug I would give Trevor if he were near. What a special little man.


Glenn and Natalie said...

So sweet. You are a wonderful Auntie!

Carla said...

Carla told me of this post a few days ago, but I am just now getting a chance to read it with a sleeping Trevor in my arms. Time to go wrap him in his new blanket. Thank you so much. We love it! ...and thanks a lot for the cry...