Sunday, October 25, 2009

Special Evening

This is a recent photo of Jason's grandma, Grammie Hazel. Many of you have asked about her and she is plugging along. We went to visit her yesterday. She had some work for Jason to do. While we were there Barbara, who visits most Saturdays, mentioned that Grandma's neightbor was coming by tomorrow to give her a blessing. In our Church a blessing given by a Melchizedek Priesthood holder, by the laying on of hands and by inspiration, to one who is sick or otherwise in need of special counsel, comfort, or healing. If the blessing is for the sick, if you are familiar with the bible its spoken of in James 5:14-15.
Now Grandma is a baptized member of the LDS religion but has never really praticed, she married a man that was a self-proclaimed atheist. Not to say that either were.are bad people, just not religious in any way. So as you can imagine this news sort of shocked Jason and I. We talked on the way home and Jason was resistant to coming back today to either assist in or be present for the blessing. I think that he has mixed feelings since she hadn't asked for the blessing herself he wondered if it was what she really wanted, yada, yada. In my mind I just kept thinking she never said no and she is VERY capable of saying no to the things that she opposes. I really didn't give him an option I told him that it was important for him to be there and so I just made the plans accordingly.
We left our house about 3pm and drove to Ogden. The boys were in pretty decent moods considering that they know when they are at Grammie's house there is no shortage of rules. Jason was able to explain a blessing to her while we waited for her Bishop to arrive. Four o'clock came and went and her Bishop and Home Teacher were no-shows. Jason called her Home Teacher, who is her neighbor, and asked were he was. His wife said that he was out visiting his aunt. I called her bishop and he didn't even know this had been planned. He, her bishop, contacted another neighbor of hers M.Johnson who was more than happy to assist. He was very nice and reminded me a little of my dad, not to serious, but no to off the wall either. Jason and M.Johnson put their hands on Grammie's head and Jason gave the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard in my entire life. I seriously cried. Jason was inspired to tell Grandma about all the people who love her not only in this life but the next. She was blessed that as the time came for her to choose to leave this life that she would be greeted by those many spirits who love her. But the part that really made me tear up was when she was told about how the Savior loved her and all the physical pain that she feels from her cancer that Jesus bore that exact pain in Gethsemene. He bore it for her because he loves her. In that moment I was reminded how greatly blessed we are to have had such a loving example in our lives. Grandma hardly ever shows emotion. Her neice says its a proud Engelke family trait. However, after this blessing she and I looked at each other, and I felt a real warmth. Grandma's eyes were red. I knew she was about to cry. I have seen that look on her face many times in the last year and a half. Its was that look that I saw when I told her that I felt she had Breast Cancer. It was that look when I told her that Mary had died. It was that look when I told her that her cancer had metastasized. It's a clear view of her raw emotion. I'm pretty sure she had that same look on her face when her own father died of cancer. Grandma has seen, and lived alot, but tonight I think was the first time that she realized that someone has loved her ALWAYS. God. I know this last year and a half has been tough on her. Her beloved son is gone when she needs him most. She has steadily lost nearly all her ability to care for herself, and the things she loves. However, she has never acted like the weight of the world is upon her, but rather bucked up and plugged along. I know that her passing isn't far off. Its a sad reality. Her death will no doubt have me to my knees again and again. I love her so much. She is as loved in my eyes as my own grandmother, who despite herself, was loveable. She is such a caring person, and now I see where Jason's dad learned to be so attentive to his wife. Hazel was FOREVER an attentive wife and mother. She devoted her entire life to the comfort of her family. I hope she feels that its being paid back to her in her advanced age. I hope she realized that she is the crown jewel of the Edwards Family. I pray to have a little more time with her. To hear her nervous giggle one more time or to be told yet another story about how she wanted a particular item and Jack wanted another and of course, she ultimately "didn't care". Of course, when she goes at least I know that she will be greeted by a host of people who have loved her for her entire lifetime and more.


Glenn and Natalie said...

I'm glad that you guys were able to be a part of that. Families and the gospel of Jesus Christ are truly amazing!

Millionaira said...

what a blessing this experience was for all involved...i'm so glad she has you guys there to be w/ her, near her, do for her as she has for others in her are an amazing strong wonderful woman...just like Hazel!