Monday, December 01, 2008

Hello Thirty!

On Saturday, I turned the big 3-0 !!! It started with a call from my mom, which always makes me feel good. Its not your birthday really until your mom calls, right? After she called my sweet Nat called! My boys gave me their gifts, flowers, sweet huh? Jason made me my favorite breakfast, Maple-Brown sugar Life. He gave me the best gift, sleeping in until 9 am. My mom gave me a really cool scrappin' gift. I also got some really cool handmade frames from a local craft boutique. I'll post some pics later. As a family we went to Ogden to have lunch at Rubio's. I highly recommend the HealthMex on whole wheat tortilla. Anyhoo, the best part of my birthday was the indoor skydiving experience that Jason got for me. I am seriously afraid of heights and this had my palms sweating. I don't EVER, I reapeat, EVER, doing anything that could possibly result in bodily harm. This had me signing a waiver of death, accident, or dismemberment...ummm okay! I figured what better way to greet this new phase in my life than with something that I would have never normally done. I can't explain how awesome this experience was. You aren't falling your floating in 160 mph winds as every ounce of fat or loose skin on your body is sucked back and flapping in the wind! At one point I was tandem flying with my instructor and we got about 20 feet off the "ground". I was going up this large metal tube and all I could remember was the part of the Willy Wonka movie were they drink the fizzy-lifting drink and are faced with sure death by fan blades. Yikes! At that moment I was so happy that I went to the bathroom BEFORE I got into my flight suit. I had a seriously silly perm-a-smile on my face in the video of my flight, but I can only maintain that it was from lack of oxygen. I was having so much fun I forgot to breathe! I can't wait to fly again. After, indoor skydiving our family went to see Grammie Hazel. She was happy to see us, and the boys were excited to do puzzles at her house. We got back to Tremonton around 6 p.m. and Jason started dinner. He made my all time favorite food, Penne Rustica. He got the actual recipe from Romano's Macaroni Grill from It tasted just like Macaroni Grill's!!! Good work Jason! I took my picture with my boys and had a super time trying to get them all to smile and cooperate that we just stopped trying after four shots, and I just figured that it truly represents their stage in life! Once the picture was taken we put the boys in bed and watched "This Christmas", the Tyler Perry movie, it was sooo funny!!
Truly it was a full day! I was a little nervous about turning thirty. In my mind thirty was the age in which I considered no longer "youthful". I know its dumb. I have had that stuck in my head since high school and it just stayed. My twenties were so filled with growing experiences, wedding, graduations, moving, births, home ownership, new cars, new jobs,more births and everything else that life has thrown our way. I can't even imagine what thirty even has to offer me except enjoing all the things that twenty gave me. I really am so blessed and happy to have my life! I couldn't ask for a better life to enjoy during thirty!! Now, forty will be a whole other story ;-)